• It’s about communication, persuasion, decision making and psychology. Much of what happens in deposition, trial, mediation, or arbitration is not what’s in law books.

  • Adding an expert in those areas to your legal team and tool box is a wise investment for your clients.

  • The world’s best athletes make use of coaches. The better the athlete, the more coaches they often have. A trial consultant acts as a coach to a good attorney. Many coaches can’t do what they teach. But they can help you do many things better. Skilled people benefit from good coaching.

  • A good trial consultant brings another perspective. A different perspective than an attorney. That’s what you need most. After all, you are a good attorney. What you need are different perspectives and backgrounds. That scares some attorneys but that’s also what they need the most.

  • A good trial consultant is like having another set of tools in your toolbox.

  • The “Experimental Litigator” tests everything he/she can about a case in some manner. Sometimes at no monetary cost. Faith, custom and hope are not the way a client does things in their own field.

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